EXCLUSIVE! XO ATTRACTION present Terri-Mae and Abbie in: RUSSIAN ROULETTE and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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XO ATTRACTION is a new dance and music group from Ministry of Life Gabalfa. 

As we reported recently, XO ATTRACTION hit the streets of Cardiff Bay for the premiere of their new single videos. 

The Sprout is proud to host the two videos, the first website to do so.


Terri-Mae starred in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, a cover of the hit song from Anne-Marie. Filmed by Caitlyn and edited by ProMo’s Italian music video editor, Daniele.


Abbie starred in RUSSIAN ROULETTE, a cover of Rihanna’s hit! This video was filmed by Ffion and again edited by Daniele.


The project was the culmination of the group’s hard work at Gabalfa over the last year. The young people had formed a dance group and developed their own logo and hoodies. The opportunity came to have their routines filmed and transformed into high quality music videos using green screen technology.

XO ATTRACTION received support from Ministry of Life, ProMo-Cymru and the Millenium Stadium Charitable Trust. 

The group was also supported by Youth Cymru’s Money for Life program, which is supported by Lloyds Bank. This is a community initiative to broaden awareness of finance, budgeting skills and fraud.

The Sprout got exclusive access to the Ministry of Life awards ceremony, which saw the young musicians take the stage once again. read more and see our exclusive pictures here:

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