Eggshells: A Poem

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This article was written by a young person as part of our #YouDeserve: Healthy Relationships Campaign. To find out more about the campaign click here.


By Caitlin Delaney 

I thought I was right?
But maybe I was wrong?
I thought she was rude
But she says I’m being too sensitive
She’s my friend after all

She said I was a bad friend
I was speaking to someone else
I understand
She was lonely

It’s my fault

I must be a better friend

She laughed at me today

Bellowing laughter
She’s laughing
I’m unsure
I’m relieved she’s in a good mood

I’ve closed myself off
In my room
I’m being too sensitive
Like she said

Just get over it!
Be a better friend

You’re being selfish
She’s always trying to help you,
Look out for you and protect you!

She laughs at me
But she’s my friend
She makes fun of me
But she’s my friend

I can feel manipulated sometimes
But she doesn’t mean it

I feel distant
Unsure on how to avoid cracking the eggshells
So I stay distant

I hope she’s ok

I hope she’s not mad at me
She’s ignored me today
I remain in my room



Getting help

This article is part of the Healthy Relationships campaign. If you would like to read more about the Healthy Relationships campaign and see more content including information and support for young people’s experiences, click here.

If you want help or advice about relationships, or if there’s anything else worrying you, then you can call Meic and speak to a friendly advisor. Meic is an information and advocacy helpline open from 8am to midnight, 7 days a week, for children and young people aged in Wales.

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