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Cardiff Youth Service has launched a brand new website to share all the great things that they do!

What is Cardiff Youth Service?

Cardiff Youth Service are part of Cardiff Council’s Education Department and work with young people aged 11-25 to support personal, social and educational development through a variety of opportunities. This includes activities in communities, participatory experiences, as well as information, support and guidance enabling young people to reach their unique full potential.

Why is Youth work important?

Who helps to run the service?

Youth workers and youth support workers are a nationally qualified, registered workforce who are friendly and approachable. Their purpose is to help and work with young people in a variety of settings. They support young people with information, guidance, experiencing new opportunities and discussions around issues that may be affecting them or their peers.

How do I find out more about Cardiff Youth Service?

To aid the amazing work that Cardiff Youth Service do, a brand new website was launched on Thursday 14th January 2021.

The new website brings together a host of information about volunteering, the Cardiff Youth Council, Youth Centres, youth innovation grants and access to wider youth support services including emotional health and wellbeing, substance misuse and helplines.

Screenshot of the Cardiff Youth Service Website

Cardiff Youth Service Manager, James Helan said, “The way young people access support and engage with youth work is changing and youth services and wider youth support services need to be dynamic to keep up with the rate of this change. The website has been developed to inform, support and provide guidance for, young people, youth workers, youth support workers, partners, and the wider community and will hopefully be an ever evolving resource. I’d like to thank everyone that has been involved and continues to be involved in in best practice youth work.’

Visit the new Cardiff Youth Service website at:

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