Who are the Red Rebels?

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On Wednesday 16th October, the Red Rebels featured in the ‘Act Now’ protest outside of Cardiff City Hall, where protestors called for leaders to listen to the demands of Extinction Rebellion (XR) during the Climate Decarbonisation Conference.

The group perform slow-motion mime, only participating in completely silent and peaceful protest. The walking art show has peaked a lot of public interest, with people snapping up pictures and posting them to social media as soon as they can. Their message works harmoniously with the aims of Extinction Rebellion: tell the truth, act now & to work beyond politics.

The Red Brigade was inspired by Doug Francisco, the founder of the Bristolian street performance group the ‘Invisible Circus’, who began performing all over Europe in the 1990’s. The creative genius mixed his passion for art and the environment to create the Red Brigade. He explained that the goal of the Red Brigade is to “symbolise the common blood we share with all species, that unifies us and makes us one”.

Although the group started off in the UK, the mystical beings have been spotted at an increasing number of climate crisis demonstrations globally. Keep your eyes peeled on social media for information on future XR events if you want to catch them next time!

All photos: Copyright Halyna Soltys

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Have you seen the striking images of silent protesters with white faces, red lips and dressed head to toe in red at climate protests around the country? Halynasadventures finds out more about these mystical creatures called the Red Rebel Brigade.

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