Interview: Calva Louise bring “sweet sour bubblegum punk” to Cardiff

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Declan interviewed punk sensations Calva Louise, who played last night at Clwb Ifor Bach.

Define who Calva Louise are?
We are a 3 piece sweet sour bubblegum punk band.
What is your story? How did you form?
We formed in London but we come from different parts of the world! Alizon and I (Jess) met when we were 16 and then when we moved to London we met Ben and asked him to do some demos with us!
Rhinoceros has been out for over a month now! How have you been finding the reception for it?
As beginners with this first release, we are really happy about all the critics we have read. For us it’s amazing that so many people take the time to listen accurately to all the songs. This feedback give us more motivation to keep going and to try to reach a bigger audience.
Any particular songs you are looking forward to playing from the album?
No Hay! It’s the only song in the album that I sing in my mother tongue!
Though Rhinoceros is your debut album, you’ve been touring for a while now. How does it feel to be playing venues where you’ve previously supported bands?
It feels really good, but it’s a bit scary too as we’ve never done a headline tour before! Many of the people who come to the shows had previously seen us supporting the amazing bands we had the chance to tour with! So it feels great to see familiar faces and we’re really grateful for their support!
With an ever-changing music environment, with streaming platforms becoming the norm for consuming music, how do you, as a DIY band, see the prospects of bands like yours surviving in the industry?
Through the streaming we can reach more people in more cities and more countries as well, and also we get to have a real contact through the socials. It’s a real pleasure to know what the people that listen to our music feel like while listening to the album through things like Insta stories for example. Related to selling our Vinyls and CD, it’s an amazing feeling too. For example, when we are on tour we can meet and talk with the people that came to the show, and we meet so many amazing people! About the music industry; we think the difference is an order of magnitude, so we don’t know yet how a lot of things work like distribution for example, but we are learning little by little.
Any music you would recommend fans of Calva Louise to listen to?
So many! Strange Bones, Nova Twins, Husky Loops, Kid Kapichi, The Blinders, White Room, Adam French, Avalanche Party and Peaness and so many more!!!
So there you have it! Some killer recommendations straight from the horse’s mouth.

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