Be A Part Of EYID – European Youth Information Day, 17th April 2016

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2016 is a very important year for ERYICA (European Youth Information and Counselling Agency) and the European Youth Information sector: it is ERYICA’s 30th birthday! ERYICA is an independent European organisation, composed of national youth information co-ordination bodies and networks, established on 17th April 1986 in Madrid.

17th April also happens to be the European Youth Information Day(EYID), and this year you have an opportunity to join and participate in the EYID campaign, under the slogan:YOUTH INFORMATION INSPIRES YOUth.


What do you have to do to participate?

You only have to answer the question: How did youth information inspire youth? Through a picture, video, text, poem – whatever you want and felt inspired by. Then share it on Facebook or Twitter using#eryica30 by 18th April 2016 (you can also send it to by email:

With all the material, there will be a video created that will be used for the promotion of ERYICA’s 30th Anniversary, and it will be released during the 30th Anniversary Celebrations at the 27th General Assembly (Helsinki, 21st April 2016) and then broadcasted on all of ERYICA’s social media channels (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, websites, etc.) under the #eryica30.

ERYICA says:

“We invite young people to take a moment to think about how they were inspired by youth information. Participants would think about what has changed for them thanks to youth information.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the EYID 2016 and our 30th birthday!

Find more information, click here.

Sub-Editor Tom’s note: If you’re looking for youth-friendly information, you can always check **ahem** theSprout! Maybe use Monday to share how theSprout has helped you?!


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