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Yasmin, 16: You Could Be in a Toxic Relationship and Not Know It

As part of the Frisky Not Risky campaign, 16-year-old Yasmin shared her thoughts about sexual health and relationships and talked about her experience accessing support from the SHOT: Healthy Relationship Service

Getting support

It’s important to be clued up because not knowing things about sex and healthy relationships can affect your life long-term. It can also affect how you perceive yourself as a person, for example, you could be in a toxic relationship and not know it or not know how to get help. 

Don’t bottle it up

Lots of things can impact how you feel about sex and relationships, like body image, how people perceive you as a person, and what those around you are doing. 

If you keep your worries, thoughts and questions to yourself, they could bottle up and lead to self-harm and other situations. 

It’s important that you talk to someone and don’t be afraid of them judging you. I’m glad to know there was always someone to talk to at SHOT.

Increasing confidence and knowledge

In school, we haven’t had many sessions on sex ed. In these sessions with SHOT, I’ve learnt stuff I would have never been taught. Wrong information and no knowledge about sex and relationships can impact your physical and mental health, so it’s important to get it right. 

Having support and someone to talk to about relationships and sexual health has taught me how to deal with certain situations and helped increase my confidence and how I feel about myself. It’s been very useful, and I’ll continue to remember everything I’ve been taught.

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