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The Aspie World: Daniel M Jones speech to the North Wales Autism Conference (Video)

Daniel M Jones 'The Aspie World' Speech at North Wales Autism Conference 2017

Here is Daniel Jones, fellow Autism Advocate, Author and Youtube Creator, giving his full speech about his work, to the North Wales Autism Conference at Glyndwr University, Wrexham a few months ago (with North Wales AM Mark Isherwood, Chair of the All-Wales Cross Party Autism Group making notes in the frame of the video, who introduced the event from start to finish) :

All credit goes to Daniel and The Aspie World who gave permission for us to air this. You can find further information about him and his channel by going to including his video mentioned “Don’t Say This to me/10 Things You Should Never Say To An Autistic Person” here, you can also find him on twitter here: 

Filmed and Produced on location in Wrexham by kind permission of the event organisers for our ongoing “Autism in Popular Culture” series. A DJFM Industries Television (DJFMITV) Production Dec 5th, 2017, All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Facebook

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