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Never Give In: Artist Exclusive With Enfys Evans

15-year-old Enfys shares how gaming is an escape from reality, which everyone needs sometimes.

This article is part of the Never Give In campaign, where 21 young Cardiffians were commissioned to create a piece of art showing how gaming affects their mental health. This is the story of Enfys, a 15-year-old artist who was part of the project.

How has gaming affected your mental health? 

I started gaming at a very young age and have always enjoyed the feeling of getting immersed in an online world. Only recently have I had the opportunity to experience the world of online gaming which opened up a whole new world of experiences for me.  

I have made countless friends through online gaming, some of which I would consider my closest. When I felt like I could turn to nobody, I could turn to video games to make me feel happy again, and I could turn to my online friends who are always good listeners and have given me advice that has helped me through some very tough situations.  

Video games have always provided an escape for me, whether that be to the City of Tears in Hollow Knight or Sangonomiya Shrine in Genshin Impact. I have always found a sort of comfort and calmness in video games I could never find anywhere else. 

What inspired you to create this artwork?

In my piece for this project, I wanted to convey the feeling of escapism from everyday life that now, more than ever, people need to indulge in every now and then. I wanted to display how this feeling comes with playing video games, as well as how they have an impact on our real lives.

I chose the characters that I did in my work as they often appear in the video games I play. These games are Doom, Apex Legends and Genshin Impact etc. I wanted it to look as if the video game world was merging with our own, or my own, hence the use of portals to display this. This is also a reference to the game portal.

The colours I chose were simply due to preference, and as you may be able to see, I really do like the glow effect to make things look more dynamic and vibrant!

What message would you give to someone who is struggling with their mental health?

If I could say anything to people currently struggling with their mental health I would say this: just carry on. I know that people roll their eyes when they hear this and whenever I’m struggling, I do too – trust me! But that’s really all you can do. Even if it feels like you’re just treading water to stay afloat, that’s better than drowning in the cold ocean, right?

Think about all the times people have come out of the same situation you’re in because I can guarantee you’re not alone. Remember that regardless of what happened to them, they got through it, and you will too even if it feels like you won’t!

I believe that you can get through whatever you’re going through. So do whatever helps keep you afloat long enough so you can start swimming again. Indulge in that ice cream, watch that movie for the millionth time and maybe even start a new video game (or replay an old one – just because it’s an oldie doesn’t mean it’s not a goldie).

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Struggling with your mental health? Check out TheSprout’s Mental Health Information Page where you can find loads of local and national support services.

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