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Hemes Releases Bittersweet Bop ‘Breathe’

Pop artist Hemes, based in South Wales, released a new banger called ‘breathe’ on June 4th, which is part of her upcoming EP called ‘Matters of the Mind’.

Who is Hemes?

Hemes is an emerging British Arabic artist, based in South Wales with a passion for creating music and songwriting, which stemmed from being raised around a mix of western and middle eastern music. She takes inspiration from personal experiences of growing up, mental health and self discovery. 

What is ‘Breathe’ all about?

With tender heartfelt lyrics, catchy electro-pop vocals and euphoric beats, ‘Breathe’ is a bittersweet bop that will hit you in the feels as you’re dancing along.

Breathe is the first single from Hemes debut EP ‘Matters of the Mind’ funded by BBC Horizons Wales Launchpad scheme and Help Musicians Do it Differently scheme, which will be out later this year.

It is a dark pop track giving the listener a personal insight into the mind of an overthinker, longing for a sense of calm and reassurance.

“I wanted Breathe to capture the feeling of needing that one person in your life who can relieve your anxieties, for me it’s my mum“.


Hemes finished the song during the pandemic because it was the longest time that she had ever been away from her mum.

I finished the song during the pandemic because it was the longest time that I had ever been away from her, through tough times I really wished that I could just drive to see her, and that’s how Breathe was born”.


Hemes wanted the track to feel relatable, so that people can think about whoever makes them feel better, whether that’s your partner, friend, or family member.

How can you keep up to date with the latest from Hemes?

You can listen to ‘Breathe’ here.

Be sure to follow Hemes on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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