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Global Climate Strike Faces Down Area 51 Raid for Event of the week

Two big groups of young people are making the news today.

On the one hand, thousands of people all over the world are protesting to demand that their politicians do something about climate change. They’re in front of the Senedd today, although unfortunately according to a source (below) the AMs aren’t actually there on Fridays. They’re also at other centres of power in the world like the houses of Parliament.

But they weren’t the only young people gathering in a big group this Friday- and I’m not just talking about the Cardiff freshers.

In America, the “Raid Area 51” meme, which is probably the biggest thing this year, actually came true as apparently thousands of people arrived at the army base in Nevada.

In what has been described as “Fyre Fest 2.0”, the event which started off as one of many similar Facebook meme events has become an actual music festival- in fact, THREE music festivals. The area is so remote, however, that it isn’t really advisable to head there at all.

Hopefully the aliens of A51, woken from a deep sleep, don’t bring about the end of life on earth any quicker than climate change is due to.

Whatever you do though, remember, Area 51 really is a fortified stronghold of the most powerful military in the world.

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