Question: What is bullying?

Answer: Making someone else feel scared, worthless, lonely, guilty or upset – regardless of whether they’ve done anything to provoke it. It usually takes place over and over again.

Fact: It can happen on the computer (cyberbullying), at home, on your mobile, in school, at uni and even in the workplace.

Trigger warning: the video below discusses suicide

What if I think I’m being bullied?

Remember: It doesn’t last forever.
If think you’re being bullied, you might feel like talking to someone.

Meic will always listen to you if you feel you’re being bullied, or someone is upsetting you. They can also help you take steps to fix the situation, if that’s what you want to do. You can chat to them online, text them (84001) or call them for free on 080880 23456.

Being bullied and feeling small? Try watching this video:

  • What can I do if I see bullying?
  • Someone thinks I’m bullying them, but I thought it was just banter.
  • I think I might be a bully.

Tell someone you trust – like a teacher, a tutor, a social worker, or your manager.

If you think that telling someone you know might make things worse, get you in trouble or make the bully come after you, try chatting to Meic — they will help you find the best way to resolve the situation. You can chat to them online, text them (84001) or give them a call them for free on 080880 23456.

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For more organisations or info about bullying, check out our database or contact Meic, the advocacy, advice and information helpline for children and young people in Wales –  Freephone: 080880 23456 / Text: 84001, Instant Message.

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