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By now, you’ve probably heard the term ‘Escape Room’. The fun group activity has become increasingly popular over the past few years and the UK have wasted no time in creating many of these fun places for you to enjoy.

If you’re still not entirely sure what an Escape Room is, they are inspired by the ‘escape the room’ video games and are the real life versions of this.

You go in with a group of people (usually 2-6 people per room) and have a set amount of time to complete the room, this is most often than not, 60 minutes. Most rooms will have a screen displaying the remaining time and will also use the screen to deliver any clues, should you need them when stuck.

There are many different themes for escape rooms.

They can come in the form of prisons, space stations, museums and many more. Each room comes with a back story to set the mood and also give you your objective – this could be something as simple as placing an item in a certain location (after finding it, of course), it could be looking for a key or code to unlock the door or any other number of things. Escape rooms are often used as team building exercises for co-workers, group days out with friends, parties and on occasion, even wedding proposals.

Recently I decided to see what Cardiff had to offer in way of Escape Rooms and went to three different locations at three different prices and three very different games. I’ll be reviewing each one in terms of price, theme, production value, puzzles and staff.

Keep checking back for the latest reviews!

The Escape Rooms of Cardiff: Escape Rooms Cardiff

The Escape Rooms of Cardiff: Breakout Cardiff


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