Does this eyesore look familiar to you?

It's St David's House, Wood Street.

Not far from Cardiff Central Station.

This is what its replacement will be

A public plaza- with space for 120 bikes and a statue of the late great Betty Campbell MBE.

But did you know this used to be the home of the Abacus Arts Centre?

Here for a good time, not for a long time!

The Abacus occupied the space whilst the Council waited for commercial tenants- eventually Boots, Greggs and Tesco- to move in.

Urgency can focus the mind

Though it was only open for a short time, the Abacus housed many community projects.

Not just Arriva Trains Wales' offices

The Abacus launched in June 2014 as an arts space for everyone: students, commuters, locals, Cardiff, the Valleys, the world.

The end came too soon

The Abacus closed in December 2015. Its memory lives on through its Facebook page.

It was a special place.

The Abacus hosted a huge variety of events. It was also an example of collaboration between non-profit ProMo-Cymru and local artists' collective, The Modern Alchemists.

18 Dec 2015: The Day The Music Died?

Bands at the closing party included Junior Bill, the same ones who did that "There's a Wolf in Grangetown" stunt recently.

The Abacus is gone, but its Facebook page lives on.

Like many other venues these days, sadly.

It's all in the name of progress.

It's awesome that Betty Campbell MBE is being honoured in the new development. She was Wales' first black headteacher, and a legend besides.

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