Sprout Bites: 2nd Referendum?

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It’s Our First Ever Sprout Bites!

What is Sprout Bites you ask – well it’s very simple…

1. I submit a question on our Facebook and Twitter pages (They’ll be pinned to the top of the page). The question will probably be related to something currently in the news.

2. You write your reply to the question in the comments box or by replying to the message. It can be as long or short as you like, it could include pictures, GIFs or even videos – It’s totally up to you.

3. By the deadline (which will be given in the post), I’ll compile all responses into a Sprout article.

On the 11 January, I submitted the following question to you, the Sprouters:

Nigel Farage has today suggested we should have another referendum on EU membership. Is this a good idea? Why? Would anything be different?

Here are your replies:


Jack Vaughan

“The million dollar question has finally come out of the mouth of a chief so-called ‘Brexiteer’. A second EU referendum. The lies and deception by both sides of the campaign mean a second referendum would surely legitimise the course for our country. Undoubtably the decision would probably change, as the majority of British people now feel leaving is the wrong direction for our country to be heading. Despite this, a second referendum would undermine the whole idea of the direct democracy concept that a referendum is based on. It’s a minefield that should be trod upon with caution.”

Arthur Huxham

“Speaking from Brussels, in the EU institutions, it is unlikely a 2nd referendum will happen. But not impossible. But it is likely this year PM May might go and the tories will try to avoid another election. Remember this government is a coalition of brexiters and bremainers.Or scenario 2, a general election will happen and Corbyn will win. Under Corbyn, the chances of having a 2nd referendum sounds more promising, but I don’t think he will initiate it. The reality now is the British influence in Brussels is dwindling rapidly and by March 2019 when the UK leaves the axe comes down. The country is still too divided.”

Thanks to Jack and Arthur for their contributions. Hopefully, as times goes on we’ll get some more debate and discussion for these sorts of questions. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for our next question coming soon.

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