Review: Slava’s Snowshow @ WMC

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Slava’s Snowshow
Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
Wednesday 18th October 2017

If you love going and seeing things that are a little more unusual than the average show, then Slava’s Snowshow is exactly what you need to go and see! This has to be the most atmospheric show I have ever attended. The lighting and sound effects were on point, perfectly timed and really makes you feel like you’re a part of Slava’s surreal world.

Visually stunning and ingeniously artistic, there are moments you get so completely lost in the performance that it feels like you’ve left this world entirely. As a twenty-something year old, if felt like I had been transported back to my childhood as I watched in wonder. Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding clowns these days, especially with the remake of IT and the new season of American Horror Story, I found the clowns in Slava’s Snowshow to be fun, silly, lighthearted and just as they are traditionally portrayed to be.

The physical humour had the audience roaring with laughter throughout and it was truly lovely to see young children, older people and everyone in between all laughing and enjoying Slava’s Snowshow together.

The audience participation part was unlike anything I have seen before. We had a massive ‘cobweb’ passed over our heads as we all had to move it to the back of the room – I’m still pulling pieces of cobwebs out of my hair a day later! The clowns came down into the audience a few times and at one point during the intermission, even got a member of the audience to go up onto the stage with them and proceeded to chase her to one side of the stage before she chased them back, similar to a Benny Hill sketch.

The most beautiful moment for me, was the blizzard at the end of the performance. I can’t even put into words how it made me feel, but it certainly sent shivers all over my body as the lights shone out into the audience and the powerful music boomed out into the room as we were all caught up in snowstorm.

The show came to a close as seven giant inflatable balls were released into the audience as well as an abundance of large balloons, which everyone had fun batting them around as the clowns once again, came down into the audience. There were so many more surreal and truly beautiful moments, I really cannot begin to describe how breathtaking the experience was so with that, I’ll leave you with the recommendation to go and see Slava’s Snowshow if you have the opportunity. You won’t regret it!

Special thanks to WMC for providing press tickets.

Beautifully surreal, magical and whimsical

Rating: ★★★★★

Slava’s Snowshow is at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff till Saturday 21st October 2017

All images are taken from Slava’s Snowshow Facebook page.


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