Pigs and Turtlenecks: Cardiff Music Awards 2018

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Cardiff Music Awards 2018

One of my fundamental beliefs is that we are the most vulnerable when we eat, this is why I usually don’t snack on anything. The chances of being caught off guard is doubled, my mind changed when I saw a smoked meats van. I ate like the pig I was eating, hunched over.

Go eat their food: spicersmeatwagon.com

The first band that I saw was “Rainbow Maniac” they lead me to the realisation that stylised intimacy creates a wall between the performer and the audience. Their music was catchy but I live by the principle that when more than one member of a band wears a turtleneck then there is a problem. A red suit and cliche moves seemed to get in the way of good music. The group of girls dancing can only make me wonder if this music is written by folks who want to get laid, is that a problem though?

The host seems nice but I have a great trouble with these events due to a disconnect. The winners seem to present a false sensitivity that is only there to hide ego. The only winner I was deeply proud of was Bethan Elfyn, as she is a powerhouse that has supported and changed the musical scene for many years.

Cut-up Poems by the Winners

Who’d have known at the CMA’s
Bluish tint of early dawn
Thank you everyone is Cardiff’s music scene
Music will never fade

Have you got something else in mind?
I’ve got Welsh Bacc due in
Lemon Curd
We’re not doing that

Spaghetti bolognese and Pizza

I’m confused now as two ladies in sparkly jackets started playing tunes, I was later to learn this was Girl Talk. They were a group who won the best D.J award even though their live act is pre-recorded. (Editor note: please read the opening paragraph and the comments below re. this) This probably wasn’t taken into account, it was a killing blow as they were up against D.J’s who perform live and have done for many years. Is it enough to present a false front if it gets you a gig, or is it morally suspect? My complete respect and endorsement goes to D.J Jaffa, he is extremely talented and one of the best in the scene and deserves as much respect as someone can give.

I understand that I should be happy but I can only help but feel an existential crisis coming on. It is a group of molecules trading space, the only changing factor the status of consciousness. There is no change in mentality after winning, they will realise that the next chase has begun. We are dust on a shelf, momentarily frozen. We shouldn’t wait for the future, we should be it.

I seem to be outside of my body observing tonight, this may be necessary as being caught up in it loses you the ability to judge objectively. I was disgusted by the awards dismissal of a vibrant and large part of the Cardiff scene. Rnb, Rap and Grime seemed to be left off of the ticket. This was a painful snub as this is incredibly important to the scene. This was so blatantly apparent to everyone that during “Astroid Boys” they felt the need to comment on it, this was lead by a round of applause by the audience. I have not yet decided whether this was an act of ignorance or arrogance and I will most likely never know. I felt every emotion during the evening, from elated to deflated, I’m still trying to understand exactly what I felt towards the night.

Photography by:  Aiyush Pachnanda

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