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Are you or someone you know being bullied in Cardiff? Do you want some support? We had a quick chat with Rachel and Tracey from Cardiff Against Bullying

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What is Cardiff Against Bullying?

Cardiff Against Bullying is a service to support and work with children, young people, parents and staff that are affected by bullying related issues. We support and work with children and young people that have been harmed (victim) and caused harm (bully).

What kind of things do you do?

We have a case worker who works 1:1 with children and young people that have been affected by bullying related issues – she works with both the harmer and the harmed.

We have project officers that deliver girls group work sessions to help with friendship issues and buddy training for anyone interested in helping year 7s starting school or someone new joining school. We also deliver workshops at PSE days.

We have a project called I Can Do It for shy and anxious young people in years 7-9 that would like to build their self-esteem and confidence. The sessions are for a small number of young people and runs for 10 weeks.

We have another project called Pyramid that is for children that are quiet, withdrawn and isolated who might find it difficult to make friends between 7-11 years old. The club is after school where children play lots of games, have craft activities and enjoy a healthy snack.


Is it free to use?

Everything we offer is free to access, we usually work within the children and young people’s school. If a child or young person wasn’t in school but wanted to access 1:1 support this would happen in their local library or leisure Centre – that would be something the case work officer would discuss with the young person and their family or carer. Some of the staff training may take place in other locations.

If I wanted CAB to come to my school how do I go about making it happen?

The school would need to get in touch with CAB and complete a referral form with information about what support they would like and who would be accessing the support. Parents/carers and young people are also welcome to contact CAB if they would like to make a referral for 1:1 work, a form would need to be completed and the case work officer would make arrangements to meet with the school and young person involved.

Online Safety

I’m being bullied online can you help?

You can get in touch with CAB over the phone or by email and let us know what is happening. We can then provide 1:1 support, arrange to meet with those involved, offer workshops, training in order to address the cyber bullying.

Our advice to anyone being cyber bullied:

  • screen shot any messages/images/missed calls received to keep as evidence
  • talk to someone you trust, let them know what’s happening
  • don’t forward messages/images on to anyone else
  • block and report on social media sites
  • remember it’s not your fault – these are someone else’s actions

What’s the best way for me to get in contact with you?

You can call us Monday to Friday on 02920 872 750 or email

Cardiff Against Bullying is part of Families First in Cardiff

Families First In Cardiff

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