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Gate Arts Centre

19th November 2016 

Cardiff’s music scene is ever-growing. With the likes of the Super Furry Animals, Astroid Boys and Junior Bill hailing from our beloved city, its safe to say that it produces an admirable quantity of new music acts.

In turn, this leads to an increase of music festivals, or ‘fests’, which can be seen clearly in Cardiff. Whether it be HUB, Swn or Hoyfest, there are plenty to be found. Hoyfest is a relative newcomer, having premiered this year for its first time in the Gate Arts Centre. Taking place on the 19th and 20th of November, Friday consisted of 10 bands, meanwhile Saturday was played by 16.

Friday featured local bands such as Parish and Monico Blonde and The Milk, bringing fresh indie rock and soul to the table.

Saturday was the main night of the two, with a number of up and coming bands taking the main stage:

Vant                      Tibet                      The Cradles                        WETPAINTT                        The Fused

Of these, The Fused member Ollie Dixon shared his experience about playing Hoyfest:

How did you get involved with Hoyfest?

Well, we knew Sam from Luckyman Records as he had put on a few shows for us in the past. From there he just approached us to play.

How was the set for you?


I thought it was really good, unfortunately we only had around 15 minutes due to sound checks overrunning but I felt that we used the time well and still had lots of fun.

What did you think about the atmosphere?

We enjoyed the atmosphere for sure! It all seemed super friendly and the whole thing was very healthy for the Cardiff music scene. We would definitely play again.

Listen to The Fused here:

Hoyfest was debuted as a relative success. Featuring some of Cardiff’s rising stars, I am sure many of these artists will evolve to make a name for themselves, as will Hoyfest. It was relaxed, diverse and yet an equally exciting night.

I am eager to see what Hoyfest 2017 will bring!

3/5 Stars


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