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Sub-editor’s note: ProMo-Cymru is the charity behind theSprout.


Hello everybody! I am going to talk about my first experience in ProMo-Cymru and Cardiff!

I am going to be in Cardiff and then London for two weeks. I decided to come to Cardiff because my friend Dayana works here at ProMo. I came with her to improve my English. I have to say that her colleagues are very friendly and polite because I don’t know enough English yet and they are very patient with me. The working atmosphere is very pleasant. All this is true!

I’ve seen the city and I’ve had good vibes. Cardiff is a nice, friendly city and its gardens and castle are very beautiful. I really like Cardiff Bay and its surroundings. One evening, I watched Anomalisa, my first film in English without Spanish or English subtitles, in the Chapter Arts Centre with Dayana and James. I understood more than I thought!

I recommend that men watch the film because it is about the existential crisis of the male protagonist. However, it is a good film for women, too.

One thing that I really like about Cardiff is that you can get free things, like a coffee or chocolate, and food is at a low price. This is unthinkable back in Spain.

Thanks a lot ProMo for the opportunity, it was a pleasure to stay with you!


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